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Re: Potential plagarism by ST: Titan TV series fan campaign?

All they are doing is getting people to 'like for a STAR TREK TITAN series starring Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis and Tim Russ' if they get a million likes.

[COLOR=#000000]We are a group that is campaigning for a new Star Trek series based after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis following the mission of Captain William T Riker aboard the USS Titan a ship mentioned in Star Trek: Nemesis but never seen.

Our goal is to gain 1 Million plus followers on Facebook which we will then contact CBS for the series to be made we are able to gain funding but until we reach 1 million followers we will not be able to start production as Cys can be made.[/COLOR]
Even if they are genuine in their intentions they are going about it completely the wrong way.

Is it a petition or a project? There is no clarity whatsoever.

They will not say WHO they are and what they are doing, so they almost certainly can't be industry professionals.

Compare that to the Renegade project who list personnel, and have OF GODS AND MEN under their belt, whatevr you may think of it.

I asked who they are and what exactly this was. They deleted the comment. I unliked the page - this is either a con or they're completely deluded, I'm sorry to say.

I'd love a Sirtis/Frakes Titan series hopefully someone will do it someday.
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