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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Zombies flying would be ridiculous, but zombies spontaneously developing a perpetual, self-sustaining energy system is totally believable?

Requires energy to move the muscles in a human body. Zombies aren't eating, or at least aren't getting anything from it, as stated above. Where's this energy source? Perfectly believable under current laws of physics that the virus could provide a boost, and this would keep the zombies going as it burned through all the reserves and the zombie ran out of gas eventually. Not something that can be maintained forever, though, unless the magic virus also has the key to unlimited energy sources that require no input or fuel to maintain.

So really just a matter of which laws of physics you're ok with breaking. Flying isn't any more or less impossible, just sillier. Mumifying a body requires drying it out, and NOT having it running around anymore. Slowing decomposition is all well and good, but still need fuel for the electrical energy moving those muscles requires. If you don't put more wood on the fire, it'll eventually burn out. Even if you treat the wood to burn slower, it's still consumed eventually...
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