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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Exactly. It's not about knowing the costs of the new thing, it's just about trying to minimize the pain/loss in the conversion. They seem to insist on the diminishing returns model, so it would be nice to know where the cap is, so you can cash in stuff you've saved up OVER the cap, rather than just have it trashed.

I ASSUME we're getting screwed in the Item costs X today, will cost X + Y tomorrow setup, as that's how they've opperated every time now. I just want to avoid losing stuff completely. If you have tech today and don't have the real gear yet, you should definitely cash in now. The math is more important if you have the gear, or don't have enough tech to get the whole set, in which case it would be nice to know if you should let it convert, or cash it in for DIL now before it evaporates...
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