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Re: Abandoned and damaged starships

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SPOCK: Probably true, Captain. It works faster, thinks faster than we do. It is a human mind amplified by the instantaneous relays possible in a computer.

UHURA: Captain, visual contact with Lexington.

WESLEY [on viewscreen]: Enterprise. Jim. Have you gone mad? What are you trying to prove? Break off the attack! Jim, we have fifty three dead here, twelve on the Excalibur. If you can hear us, stop the attack!

KIRK: Lieutenant?

UHURA: I'm sorry. I can't override M-5 interference.

WESLEY [on viewscreen]: Jim, why don't you answer? Jim! Answer! Come in, Jim!

KIRK [grabbing Daystrom]: There's your murder charge. Deliberate. Calculated. It's killing men and women. Four starships, sixteen hundred men and women!
Excalibur is hit again immediately after the above exchange, undoubtedly resulting in more casualties.
... and that particularly dramatic moment in the episode, when Kirk yells Daystrom's name and then phasers fire, would be the "kill shot" on the Excalibur []:

The Ultimate Computer wrote:
DAYSTROM: It misunderstood.
WESLEY [on viewscreen]: Jim, break off your attack!
CHEKOV: Excalibur is maneuvering away, sir. We're increasing speed to follow.
SULU: Phasers locked on.
KIRK: Daystrom!
SULU: Phasers firing.
DAYSTROM: I really don't know how to get to the M-5. I really do not know.
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