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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I'm going with part of the virus's changes is to make the zombie body more resistant to decomposition.
Yet we see decomposition, going all the way back to the first episode and "bicycle girl."
The virus allows them to decompose enough to be wicked scary, but no more.

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Lame copout at best. If they just started flying, you'd have a problem with it, so there IS a limit to what you'll accept as 'normal' when it comes to this already imaginary creature. Seems my limit is just a little closer to what actually exists, whereas your limit involves more 'magiks' from the get-go. Certain conceits are required, I just like it to make a little more sense, I guess.

From what you're saying, though, you'd have no leg to stand on if you bitched when they started flying...
No, that's completely different. Flying would violate laws of physics. There are many ways to mummify a body or prevent or slow decomposition. The toxic cell idea is a good one.
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