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Re: Facebook Into Darkness + movie tagline

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The Anton Yelchin page which is promoting that competition is also promoting the "official" Trek into Darkness page. This casts some (more) doubt on that competition which sounds a bit too good to be true. You need to like the Anton Yelchin page to enter the competition.

Yourself and FIVE friends flown to the premiere? Given 60,000 dollars? I'm starting to doubt this. Maybe it's just an email harvesting scheme.
We adjusted the contest's marketing strategy shortly after launching it. You are longer needed to like Anton Yelchin's page, instead you are entered immediately after liking Star Trek Into Darkness. No personal data is required for contest entry. The winner will be selected from the pool of fans on April 30th, 2013 at 11:59pm, minus any accounts who have since disliked the page.

For clarification purposes, I work within the West Coast Division of Viacom. We are handling the promotion needs for Star Trek Into Darkness.

I apologize for any confusion we've caused due to our adjustments. Unfortunately, this is all that I can speak on this matter or the film. Please send any other inquiries to
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