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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Within the Serpent's Grasp: A ripper of an episode with Our Heroes sneaking through the gate in a last ditch effort against the Goa'uld and government bureaucracy. Brave folk. Excellent finale for Season 1!

The Serpent's Lair: This worked well, certainly tighter and more believable than all the cat and mouse eps on SG:A where the team is trapped on an enemy ship. Hilarious scenes with Colonel Samuels gloating over how his bombs would win the day.

Bra'tac is awesome. I love how he constantly overrides O'Neill who is used to being the boss. He's brutally direct and effective. I hope we see more of him. Was that moisture I saw in Teal'c's eyes when Bra'tac took his leave to return home in the end?

Kind of sad to see Apophis gone for good (I assume) as I liked his bronze lipped haughtiness. Equally I'm not sad to see the end of Skaara, yawn.

A satisfying double episode all round. I'm looking fwd to what new directions Season 2 takes.
Bratac or Tony Amendola as a Guest Star on any series is always awesome, like Ronny Cox, he raises the episode a point or two, simply by being present
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