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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

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A new Trek series ABSOLUTELY can't ride on the cocktails of the Trek name and expect to get seven seasons anymore.
That's "coattails." As in being dragged along on the long tails of someone's coat, letting them do all the work rather than doing any yourself. Trying to ride in someone's cocktails would get pretty messy and achieve little.

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Tie-in literature presumes you already care about the setting, and about specific characters. It's perfectly reasonable to expect that you might be interested in an entire novel about the Cardassian Elim Garak, or from the perspective of a Klingon starship.

That's a harder sell with a Star Trek TV series, as any Trek TV series will want to bring in an audience unfamiliar to the franchise, even as it utilizes familiar elements.

So yeah, you're going to want human anchors for whatever the setting of the series is, and more often than not you'll want them to be Starfleet.
Aren't you being a little selective in your examples? The anchors for Articles, DTI, SCE, and Vanguard are all largely human characters; also, the latter two are Starfleet-focused and the former two have Starfleet in significant supporting roles. But the point is that it's a failure of imagination to assume the only possibility is to use the exact same stock pattern of starship captain, science officer, doctor, engineer, helmsman, etc. every single time. DS9 certainly diverged from that formula; it was set mainly on a space station, and though it had many of the standard Starfleet character types, it also heavily featured civilian characters such as the station constable and resident bartender, not to mention all the other diverse supporting characters who became almost as prominent as the regulars.
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