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Re: "Captain Power" to return as "Phoenix Rising"

So I watched a few episodes of the series to refresh my memory of it, its a nice mix of the serious and has a sense of humor too.

One of the biggest questions I had of the series is what do these power suits do to make them a game changer for the humans? I really see nothing that makes them any better than the biodreads or other robots. The power source routinely runs out and the suits disappear. They appear out of nowhere with no explanation. They seem to help with protection but dont seem any better against energy weapons than Kevlar against a rifle. The weapons they use are simple pistols and rifles, there doesn't seem to be any difference with outher human or robot weapons. Nantotech would explain both how the suits appear and why they may be a match for the robots. I'd like to see the weapons integrated into the suit.

I'd also like to see some of the names changed to less obvious/silly ones...Volcania for the Dread base(shaped like a volcano of course) for example.
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