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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Ugh, so I just read Phantom Stranger #1. It featured Raven (I mean Rachel ) in her first New 52 appearance (that I know of). Yeah, so here's another Perez/Wolfman creation that DC has messed up (although not anywhere nearly as bad as starfire). She seemed to be pretty emotional, and overall more like a normal person, so they not only missed the point, but they also just used her just to tick off people. The Stranger just delivers her to Trigon (which is really starting to make me think even more that the voice/person Stranger obeys is a demon, if not the actual devil), and she will probably not be seen again, unless Scott Lobdell needs her for a human/alien/half demoness threesome with Roy Harper and Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws

I'll give stranger one more issue. The thing that really sucks is that I'm reading the first volume of DC Showcase Presents: Phantom Stranger, and the old stuff is very entertaining. He's a mysterious figure who fights the forces of evil in weird, supernatural circumstances (most of the time), and thats cool. I really don't need to read a book about Judas working for the devil (I don't care if they imply its God, in two issues he has created the spectre and delivered an innocent person to her demonic father so that he can turn her into his loyal daughter, that seems pretty evil to me) to repay for his betrayal. The whole point of the character is that he is a stranger, you're not supposed to know his past, and he's definately not supposed to be doing evil, even if it somehow "works out" in the end.
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