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That isn't how it works though. The reason that statistical lifespans were low before modern medicine was because of the high rate of infant mortality and childhood diseases.

If you lived to be 30 you were expected to live into your 70s.

Now take into account that Smallpox and Polio have been wiped out.
Not really what I was getting at, though. In a large-scale fight to survive, people past their physical peak are gonna have less of a chance. Grandma ain't fighting off a looter, or walking 100 miles away. They may be ok to live to 70 as much as 30 due to disease, but the physical toll would be a tough one to get past. Same with younger ones that would be more vulnerable. And those families trying to take care of a young or old family member would be more likely to run into trouble as a group, dragging down ones that might otherwise be able to get away.
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