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Re: Heck Yeah Moments in Trek

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet but a couple of the Enterprise scenes in the new movie: rising from the gases of IO to
intercept Neo's vessel and also later intercepting his missiles heading for Spock in the future-ship

The fleet warping out to battle earlier in the film is hella-cool too.
As is the final "Space, the final frontier" montage.
Hell, the whole movie is one giant "Hell-yeah" tbh

In DS9, I always loved the whole exchange between Dax and Kira about warping inside the Bajoran system to intercept the founders
plan to blow up the Bajoran Sun:

"We can't reach it in time"

"you wanna bet? Take us to warp!"

"INSIDE a Solar System"

"If we DON'T there WON'T be a SOLAR SYSTEM left!"

Also, the reveal about Bashir being a changeling in that ep (or was it the episode before? ) was pretty Heck Yeah too
(Ah, the days before spoilers! Good times!)

One of the best though: TNG Cause and Effect.

The TEASER featured the Enterprise-D exploding. Heck YEAH also crossed with "Well, now what, we gonna watch 40 mins of black screen from now on? )
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