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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Seriously, you're arguing about the scientific plauseability of ZOMBIES

Dude don't do that. Tehz Magik!

Zombies are automatically exempt from any known laws about temperature and decomposition because by definition, dead things don't get up an walkaround without some serious external intervention that changes the rules.
Lame copout at best. If they just started flying, you'd have a problem with it, so there IS a limit to what you'll accept as 'normal' when it comes to this already imaginary creature. Seems my limit is just a little closer to what actually exists, whereas your limit involves more 'magiks' from the get-go. Certain conceits are required, I just like it to make a little more sense, I guess.

From what you're saying, though, you'd have no leg to stand on if you bitched when they started flying...
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