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Re: Marvel animation-- Avengers Assemble and Hulk: Agents of Smash

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She-Hulk is my second favorite superhero after DC's Captain Marvel, so I'm excited for the hulk cartoon. That said, I HATED Eliza Dushku on Buffy, and i've never seen her in anything else, so it sucks that she's voicing she-hulk. Hopefully she doesn't suck at voice acting.
I think Dushku is a very good actress, and she was good as the voice of Catwoman in Batman: Year One.

I still think having a new Avengers cartoon is stupid. why not just continue with the first one?
The impression I get is that it's because of a change in leadership at Marvel Animation, with Jeph Loeb taking over production of the shows and deciding he wanted to go in a different direction creatively. This is what happens when new people take over a company -- they have their own ideas they want to pursue and so they set aside their predecessors' ideas.

I'm also not a big fan of the roster (I get it, Marvel had a successful movie, but you don't need to modifiy every version of the avengers to fit with the movie). Having the Falcon over Hank Pym/Wasp is....weird, especially with ant man getting a movie apparently.
Well, including the Falcon makes sense because it's an all-white roster otherwise -- same reason EMH brought in Black Panther pretty quickly and the Ultimate universe made Fury black and Wasp Asian. What annoys me is that they don't seem to have any interest in including more than one woman on the team.
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