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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

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All the signs are there. CBS needs to do a kick-ass, intense, violent (but intelligent and character focused) Star Trek series and put it on Showtime.
First it goes without saying that there's currently no chance of a TV series even being considered until after the next movie comes out, as I think O&K have even said. I wouldn't be surprised if - even if STID (...that goddamn acronym) is a hit, they still don't do a series and just hold off for the final movie.

But however TV models are shifting, I think Star Trek is a bad fit for explicitly adult (or more realistically, teens plus) programming like what Showtime is currently known for.

There was once a Showtime that had Stargate and Lexx, but that's not the same channel that just grabed a hatful of emmys for its superlatively addictive thriller Homeland. I could see that channel picking up a genre show... but not a relatively family-friendly space opera.

It would astonish everyone how well it does and inspire a tsunami of imitators, most of which would flop or suck or both but at that point who cares.
We've seen a critically acclaimed and dark and mature cable space opera. It was called Battlestar Galactica, it was underwatched and it spawned very few imitators (Stargate: Universe... Bionic Woman maybe?) and two seperate abortive spinoff attempts.

So even if there's a proven market right now for zombies, horror, vampires and fantasy kingdoms - all recognizably genre traits - the case for space opera specifically is a little more tenuous, if by contrast to current trends a bit novel.

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American Horror Story has an interesting approach: have each season be a different story, an anthology-by-season format.
It's an interesting approach (and sneaky at the Emmys, where they can throw themselves at awards in the much-less competitive miniseries field) and it's definitely something I'd like to see more often in television. It revives the anthology format in a way that incorporates modern TV serialization, there's a lot of potential in that idea.

...but Star Trek? I don't know. I think if you're telling a Star Trek story at some point, you need your Starfleet Captain and Starfleet crew characters. It might be interesting to see a series that changes location a lot, so that in one sense it feels episodic (planet of the week being planet of the year) but I don't see a need to remove the anchor of the Trek captain and crew. If variants of those characters are going to appear every year, why not just make them the same characters?

I mean I get, let's say, a season set on one planet that's mostly about that planet's various problems, with the Starfleet guys not always in the foreground, and thus rotating regulars each year that depends on the story (one year the title credits feature the Kai, some vedeks, a Bajoran prime minister and our Starfleet characters, next year whole new slate of principals except for the SF team) but keeping them around would make sense.
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