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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Neville's flashback was similar to John Locke's in Lost's Walkabout. He was some poor schlub working for a jerky boss then something happens to him and he becomes more badass. Though in Locke's case it involved him being able to walk again after being paralyzed and for Neville it involved killing a man.
Yeah, I saw that too. I like the character now, whether he stays bad or converts away from the Dark Side. I just need to figure out whether he should step up as the Big Bad after (if) they knock off Monroe or if I would prefer him to become a leader in the Resistance. Of course we could be treated to an indefinite length of time where he's Monroe's guy in the field because the dynamics are never allowed to change.

In other news, I have come around on the issue of the time since the blackout. A few days ago, I posted that I didn't mind the length of time since the blackout since it allowed them to tell a story about rebuilding civilization instead of tearing it down. I think I wrong about that now.

This show really should have been set only a few years after the fall: long enough for some semblance of order, but not long enough for true stability. Two to five years could have allowed for a return to subsistence farming, militias to have cemented power without necessarily having to collapse or turn legitimate, for the clothes and buildings not to look too new, for the plastic soda bottles to still seem like good ideas for canteens (sorry that one just stuck out in my mind), etc, etc, etc. They even could have kept the flashbacks.

By the way, how long should I plan on being banned from the site for breaking the cardinal rule of the internet and admitting that I was wrong about something?
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