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^I've beaten them on gold ONCE only, and I'm pretty sure I was the weakest player on the team. Silver is challenging but doable and I almost never play on bronze since I very rarely promote and a lv20 on bronze is just too easy and not very fair to lower level players.

And yeah, I'm a little surprised the collectors aren't showing up on Omega. Oh well, looks like it'll be fighting Cerberus all the way...though I can't say as I'm looking forward to tackling those Dragoons. Liara is going to get obliterated!

But still, it'd be nice to at least got a canon reason why the collectors are suddenly back and more formidable after spending a whole game supposedly wiping them out. I mean part of the appeal of MP is that you can pretend that your Shepard and the Normandy is out there too. Someone should at least write Shep a memo...

Indeed, I rather wish they'd integrate SP and MP a little more. Like for example instead of just having Shep clear a MP map there could be some missions where you have to help extract a team. Not an actual MP match in progress since that'd be too cumbersome to implement, but just a SP mission where the allied defenders are a random assortment taken from your own stable of MP characters. Or maybe just some procedurally generated after action reports via email or Liara's terminal, based off of your MP matches. Just something other than meaningless war asset points!

P.S. Apparently there's a new paid SP DLC weapons pack out. I think I'll pass.

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