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Re: Generations 2 / First Contact trailer

I remember seeing this teaser trailer on a promo VHS for First Contact back in 96. I got the video free from my local Woolworths by collecting a voucher from The Sun newspaper. There was a 10-15 minute making-of documentary on there hosted by Jonathon Ross, and then there was the trailer, which I remember feeling distinctly underwhelmed by! I didn't realise it was just a teaser, I was only 11 or 12.

I'm sure I remember that on the clapperboards used during production (or at least on the VHS I had), the film was titled 'Star Trek Generations 2.' Since then I've read it was a possible title, alongside 'Renaissance,' 'Resurrection,' and even 'Borg,' until 'First Contact' was finally settled on.

I (or think I do anyway) remember all of this because 96 was when I first majorly got into Trek, and I just gobbled up anything I could get my mitts on. The potential titles are from the TNG Companion.

EDIT - Here's a link to the video on eBay. The price this person wans makes me kinda wish I hadn't given my old copy to the charity shop!

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