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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Shaytan wrote: View Post
1-1 agaisnt Spain in Spain. Goal from France at the very last second of the match after a rather good 2nd half. I feel like they won the world cup !
Well, you should. Sounds great.

Bamarren wrote: View Post
As for Germany? What on earth happened to drop 4 goals in the last 30 minutes? Fair play to Sweden for keeping the faith though!
Just in case that this wasn't a rhetorical question - what happened is what is their main problem. As soon as they get one or even two goals or things don't go their way they totally fall apart. It was just hilariously exacerbated in this case. But it's the same reason we lost against Italy during the Euro. It's the reason we'll never win a fucking flower pot. It's the reason Jogi Lw will be out of a job after the World Cup even though it's probably not his fault.
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