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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

I understood that it only affected those with a Gou'ald host. I was asking if the archway was the only place that affect occurred or was it like the dampening field that prevented the staff from firing and covered the whole chamber. Cause if it was only at the archway then the location to the outside that Carter&Jackson came though would be passable.

I watched two more last night.

1x9-The Torment of Tantalus: Another direct tie to the film by bringing Catherine back in for this episode. It played as a "lost moment in Stargate" lore by showing the '45 attempts.
What also is great here is it expands on the idea that there are several alien species who've been interacting (the alien UN) and this castle site was a meeting location it seems. It also reinforces that the Gou'ald didn't create the Stargate tech but scavenged it/stole it. My only question though is if they didn't create it then why do the glyphs seem more Egyptian-esque in script style? Also, if they never mapped that site where Ernest from '45 was all this time they also weren't part of the alien UN as he described it for that room.
So that means there are at least FIVE alien races at play to be explored for this series just 9 episodes in, right?
  1. Gou'ald
  2. Thor's people whose name I've not committed to, UN species 1
  3. UN species 2
  4. UN species 3
  5. UN species 4
The only parallel I can think to draw is Klingon, Andorian, Romulan, Vulcan and Ferengi(toss up species). Trying to think of the five most influential species in Trek lore for a comparison.

1x10-Bloodlines: The first Teal'c centered episode, right? I thought it was an honorable move that Hammond took O'Neill's advice and offered to help Teal'c in this personal mission to save his son from being an unwilling slave to the Gou'ald like he had become. I'm wondering what consequences will play out now that his son has Teal's more mature host while Teal'c has the younger one. Also if there will be any shakeup within the camp. Tael'c's wife made it sound as if they had been ostracized from the others already. The ally Bratac(?) I couldn't fully read. He didn't seem very Gou'ald loyal but is he a separatist? I'm sorry to go back to the well but I get a vibe that Teal'c is the Worf of the show. Which my gut tells me we will revisit any fallout from this event.
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