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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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For those who haven't spotted it... Amazon UK has reduced their price for Season 2 and it's now the cheapest around... just £47.00!
I've got a $50 Best Buy gift card waiting patiently on my desk for the inevitable $60 price they'll be asking on Dec. 4th (possibly also with Upgrade & Save $5 off) thanks to some credit card reward points I had accumulated.

Also, I'm hoping they'll put it out a week early like they did last time at my local store so I can share the Season 3 trailer with you all just after Thanksgiving!
If the Season 3 trailer doesn't include Yesterday's Enterprise, Best of Both Worlds, and Deja Q, they did it wrong. Actually, that's going to be interesting what they are going to do with the FX in Deja Q. That episode kind of features those blob type effect we were used to in Star Trek with the Calamarain (?) so I wonder how that is going to be enhanced.
You're probably already aware of this but in case you missed it, part 3 of the TrekCore CBS Digital interview touches on that a bit:

TrekCore: Are there cases where effects which were made pretty easily back in the 80s and the 90s using practical effects techniques are now more complicated to render using todays CGI?

Niel Wray: In some cases, yes – in some cases, no, but in a lot of cases yes. It’s pretty challenging to recreate some of those original optical elements in CG.

TrekCore: Could you give us a few examples?

Craig Weiss: Any kind of organic elements which were shot...

Niel Wray: Yes, the transporter we had to recreate the elements for that. And that took us a few weeks to recreate those elements. How many layers to that? Yes, there are 3 layers to that.

Eric Bruno: Any of the elements, as Craig mentioned, that are more organic, that are more random ... random textures, random chaos, lasers – like the Calamarain – laser aliens... you have lights shooting through smoke with some sort of cloth in front of it with a light on it, you know there are several layers of physical objects they are filming and they are doing camera tricks to it too. To recreate that, as Niel will tell you, is a LOT of work!
It's slightly unclear whether Eric Bruno is implying that all of the layers to the Calamarain VFX had to be recreated with CGI... but I think we can expect it to look very faithful regardless.

But yeah, there are so many iconic moments in Season 3 (both live action and VFX) that it's going to be interesting to see what they choose to show us as a teaser. Can't wait.
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