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Re: Any old timers still around?

I'm not seeing the need to dredge up some of the less savory aspects of the past, Rhubarbodendron.

Lisa resigned (as per a direct phone conversation with her) and moved on with her life. Frankly, I think she got tired of the incessant shit happening at the time, partly due to the fact that she should have remained a mod of a small forum - she didn't have the tough personality necessary to deal with some of the realities of running a messageboard where people are anonymous - hell, it almost broke ME the first 2 years I ran it, and I'm no shrinking violet!, and I think that in and of itself was enough to make her leave, no necessity for dragging in her personal life.

Frankly, the past should stay the past. It's nice to see people from way back, but the board is way different now, no wars - either poster or moderator/admin or owner and it's great that it's that way. Not as interesting for those who love drama, but a helluva lot easier to run and more pleasant for most.
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