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Re: *~ Vote: DS9 Avatar Contest 170!!

Official communication from Agent Zeta Zero Five One# (code name Loki Entek) of the Obsidan Order to Gul Spook (category 5 observation target):


As per the official articles of Unionsation as decreed by the First Castellan I should take this opportunely to reprimand you for your erroneous assumption that the Central Command is entitled to and required to exercise due authority over an agent of the Obsidan Order nor should said agents undercover role ever be exposed during the course of his or her duty in service to the Union.

Please see attached message from E as regards to proper procedure in this matter...

However, after discussion with my superiors and a through analysis of the inter quadrant situation by same, I have been mandated to present the classified information to you via the medium of the 'random entry' contest beloved of the Terrans.

Using our sociopolitical knowledge of the most dominant species in the United Federation of Planets (threat category: Alpha plus plus one) and on the advice of our senior psychological warfare experts coupled with the current season in the northwest of the humans second largest continent, I have chosen the following category to be viewed alongside the images of the known terrorist Kira Nerys of the Shakaar Cell (please see secondarily attached file) and the disturbing documentary on our Ferengi neighbors:

Sinister Namely any person, event or thing that gives you a negative reaction akin to the feeling that you are being watched by a very disturbing powerful organization (and you are, but it is for your own good citizen!) or just creeps you out.
You can use any fictional or real life (so deemed) object, individual or event to convey this dread in the approved size indicated. Do NOT go over...I will be watching....

(This, coupled with an attendant operation over a an adjacent caption competition should distract over foes long enough for the next stage of our operations to come into effect my dear Gul.

Continue your surveillance of the individual codenamed 'Deranged' Nasat he is not to be underestimated on any account.)

Agent Zeta Zero Five One# ending communication.

Cardassia Forever.
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