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Re: Speculation: Must the villain be Gary Mitchell, or... ?

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I highly doubt Abrams would take such an approach given the cliche action heavy style of the last movie, but it's a possibility.
The next movie will be even more "cliche action heavy" because the recurring characters have all been introduced so now Abrams is free to just make the kind of staightforward action flick that audiences flock to. That's the nature of the modern movie biz, nothng any of us or Abrams can do about it.

Gary Mitchell is the perfect candidate, not just because he requires very little boring explanation (oh no, his magic superpowers have driven him insane with megalomania!) but because his history with Kirk makes his story personal for Kirk and can help propel Kirk's character growth, which is badly needed for the next movie. Above all, Kirk can't be the same punk kid at the end as at the beginning.

Envision this as a movie trailer. Works perfectly. Action! Danger! Easy to understand!

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