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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I love Call to Arms. I think it's pretty rare that a show like this can do something that is genuinely exciting, and remains so even years later, when I rewatch the episode. Also, even though it's a defeat for the Federation, it feels like a triumph because there are so many awesome little moments, like Kira sabotaging the station and Martok de-cloaking to protect the Defiant.

I love the scene where Dukat discovers that Sisko left the baseball behind. And then the final shot of the Federation fleet, of course. Great stuff.

Considered purely as a single episode, it's actually a bit uneven. But... as the culmination of several seasons worth of build-up, it's awesome. I think this episode and the occupation arc at the beginning of season 6 together make up my favorite stretch of Star Trek episodes.
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