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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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Watched the pilot... thought it was OK. Didn't really care for the teen leads. The ones in the school or whatever it was. But, I did like the twist at the end. For some reason, I just didn't keep recording it, and I didn't miss it.
If you have time you might want to give it another chance, you already liked the pilot and the "teenage school" thing doesn't last long. Maggie Q kicks ass, it's like a mini action movie every week and like Enterprise is Great said, they're shaking up the status quo frequently, instead of seeing that something works and coasting on that for a few seasons the writer's on Nikita take the "This can't go on forever so lets change things up" approach and it's great, it makes the show truly unpredictable. At the end of season 2 it was almost a completely different show compared to the pilot.

I don't watch shows that has Diary in the title. It's just to... teenagery for me. And I'm not that much into vampires. At least CW vampires.
Thankfully the diary angle was dropped very fast, after a few episodes it's really just a title, the show really had diary voice overs at the start.
It is a little bit teenagery but like Nikita this show isn't afraid of change, they kill characters (even popular ones) left and right. Why? Because it's a show about vampires and other monsters, they're not beating around the bush.
I actually like the CW Vampire's best out of the current batch.

I really like the CW, they get so much shit but they have some really good shows.

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And after what happened at the end of season 2 season three is a pretty good place for new viewers to jump on the Nikita train.
I'd recommend catching up with seasons one and two before watching season three, without those seasons it will be hard to appreciate what the show is now.
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