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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I've been somewhat slacking on my reading lately. Well, not slacking as much as felt less driven and somewhat meandering. I continued with my Vanguard reading, where I am currently in the middle of What Judgements Come. I also read Redshirts (verdict: meh - not much there beyond the premise) and The Casual Vacancy, which is the new Rowling novel.

I was curious whether I'd like her writing style in a book that I'm less prejudiced against than with Harry Potter (I'm not big on fantasy, and when I make an exception it's not for something quite as sweet and magical). Turns out that I think yes, she is a competent writer, but her style is sort of at odds with what she was trying to accomplish topically in the book, so I didn't enjoy it a whole lot.

Right now I'm considering taking some time off from Judgements to insert my freshly-purchased copy of Only Superhuman into the schedule, since there's always some extra "new release" thrill with a book that's just come out. This one is very interesting to me since I enjoy hard-scifi but historically don't really go for superhero fiction, so I'm curious how this approach will go over with me.
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