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Re: Second Star Trek Continues vignette online

Personally, I like the idea of shooting some vignettes before getting into the heavy lifting of making a full show. If nothing else, maybe it will help Grant Imahara learn how to underplay for the cameras! Kidding, but not really...I called the two vignettes shakedown cruises and I think that's valid. Everyone gets a chance to do a "live fire" type of exercise, even though the stakes aren't very high. I'm sure everyone involved in both the sequences is doing some serious film study.

Also I think the Exeter and STC vignettes illustrate the difference in tone between the two projects. Kirk has always been the dashing, charismatic, hero type, while Garrovick is grimly competent with moments of brilliance. The atmosphere on the respective bridges reflects that and I certainly don't have any problem with it. If every show is going to have the same kind of atmosphere and crew interaction, why bother? It will be interesting to see how Phase II and STC differ in that regard, but I don't plan to take a preconceived notion into the viewing experience about which is right and which is wrong.
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