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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

syberghost wrote: View Post
I've started a thread on the official forums requesting they give us the numbers in advance this time. Maybe that will get them thinking.
Thanks! Got a way to get BranFlakes to flag on that one as well? Seems like a no-brainer, as if there has to be a cap, telling us what the conversions will be so we can avoid getting screwed seems like the right thing to do. has the added benefit of chort-circuiting the noise that will come after, if they warned us and gave us enough time to try and adjust.

Rainbow Dash wrote: View Post
Well crap. I've been saving up EDCs to get some better gear, and now this.
heh, get grinding! Anyone know when the rumored cutover date will be? In any event, saving the EDCs doesn't really do a ton for you. Cash in the 15 for the easy-to-obtain Borg set. After that, just keep pounding the STFs (on elite if you can handle it) to try and get the blue or purple drop. Don't cash any of them in until you see what drops you get. once you've got one or two blue drops, use those two and buy the 3rd with the 40 EDCs, now you've got a set. Earning the drops to get to 40 EDC should hopefully result in at least a blue drop somewhere.

It's the damned purple drops you just can't beat. Can't buy your way out, just the random number generator. And if you have that drop already, can't even pass it to someone in your group that needs it, or even give it to your OWN alt. That's been frustrating, when I just needed that CSE engine drop. Had 7 of the blue drops I didn't want, and couldn't help out anyone else, or my other alts. And then you'd see others in your group get the purple drop they didn't want (once, 2 people in my group got it, both already had 2 full sets), and you get junk. Frustrating, but in theory, part of the upcoming change should fix that.

Unfortunately, it means you lose the LUCKY side of the coin, too. If you get it on your 5th try, you're golden. Not anymore. Guaranteed to get it eventually, which is great (and should have been a factor before, even if it meant gradually increasing your luck with the RNG), but means the shortcut chance is gone. Plus they'll probably nerf it so it takes more work anyway, and is the equivalent of being unlucky 100 times in the old system first
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