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Re: Data's high-speed heroics

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For example, in "Starship Mine," he could have easily subdued the guy who shot Geordi with some high-speed maneuvers.
Ah, but that's not a matter of speed, it's a matter of leverage. Data probably could move his body fast enough to knock out the terrorists before they knew what was happening, but I doubt he'd be able to get enough traction on the carpet. And moving his arms fast could throw his body off balance too. he'd have to be bolted to the floor to prevent it.

Whenever we saw him doing things really fast, it was always small things. Moving his fingers really quickly so he could rapidly encode consoles, or shuffle cards. About the biggest thing we saw him move fast were his arms in "The Naked Now". And an arm is actually fairly heavy, so I doubt he'd be able to do it that fast without some bracing.
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