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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Season of Death (Farscape) - This was a decent beginning to the season. There were some pretty entertaining bits (like John channeling Stone cold Steve Austin in his mental fight "Give me a hell yeah" ) or when John and D'Argo are outside

D'Argo: "We're going to bring him out here, and see how he likes being in the cold."

John: "What if he likes it?"

D'Argo: "Look! One. Plan. At a time!"

The alien that attacked John/D'Argo was a Scarran, and it was interesting to see one. So, one of Scorpius's parents was an alien like that, and the other was Sebacean? That must have been an akward pairing (assuming Scorpius wasn't created in a lab or something). Overall, this was an enjoyable episode, and I'm interested in seeing what happens with zhaan, and maybe learning why Scorpius wants the wormhole tech so much.
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