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Re: OT: Announcing ONLY SUPERHUMAN, my first original novel!

And just in case anyone is that curious about this game change as I am, here's the blurb that TOR/Macmillan have chosen to go with on their DRM free book:

The author and publisher have provided this e-book to you without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied so that you can enjoy reading it on your personal devices. This e-book is for your personal use only. You may not print or post this e-book, or make this e-book publicly available in any way. You may not copy, reproduce, or upload this e-book, other than to read it on one of your personal devices.

Copyright infringement is against the law. If you believe the copy of this e-book you are reading infringes on the authorís copyright, please notify the publisher at:
That's inserted between the title page and the dedication page.
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