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Re: Second Star Trek Continues vignette online

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I'd have loved to have heard the response from the Star Trek Continues gang about that.
Come on, I could write the response from STC about this.

Let's just laugh about it and let it go.

The thing about the Exeter short was not it was not really shot with the intent to show it - or even, really, to assemble it.

The director and crew had a day's worth of set-up and testing of lighting, sound and camera stuff to do before production on the episode began, and Scott thought it would be more interesting for everyone if they actually had a skit, something with some structure to work with rather than random pages or the actors sitting around the set making stuff up. So I wrote this.

You can see that the set is far from complete; it wasn't a concern at the time because this was just a test exercise.

Much later, after the show had wrapped, I was asked to do a couple of establishing shots of the ship because they'd decided to put the short together. They're just the standard TOS/Exeter flybys with a silly-looking pink planet dropped in.
And still, with all of that...the Exeter piece is awesome.
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