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Re: The "PLEASE remaster DS9 thread"

Definitely agree, I would love to see DS9 on Blu-ray. Rewatching DS9 on DVD for the 3rd time since the original run, while my Blu-ray player upconverts nicely, there are definitely times, especially in the earlier seasons that some remastering could be done.

Like others have said, my first Star Trek episode I watched was The Best of Both Worlds at 6 years old, I was overseas at the time so I was a season behind. A few years later when DS9 aired, that was pivotal for me. The first Star Trek to premiere and I was there watching it from Episode 1 to the end. At the time I didn't know why I loved it so much more than TNG (and later on VOY), but now years after the fact, I can reflect on it. 4th time around now, I can safely say it really came down to the characters and stories. There isn't a character I did not like in DS9 and for the most part I find value in every episode.

The one question I do have though is, with 4k just around the corner, and especially by the time they get around to DS9, wouldn't it make sense to skip Blu-ray and go straight to 4k remastering.
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