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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

The HEAT would have been more likely to kill them then the cold. Should have been exploding meat bags in the 100+ degree heat with no ability to regulate temps, plus some decomposition. Cold might wreck them a bit, but it's not THAT cold there, adn worst case they might just be ok once they thaw.

More plot device than science on this one. Zombies seem to NEED to eat, like a primary driver to bite and eat people. Except for when they can just sit there or wander a prison yard for a year without food and be fine. Either they gain something from attacking/eating, or why do it? Because Zombies are jerks? How are they still moving without taking in any extra energy? Still takes energy to move the muscles, right? Should be more dead ones, not just sitting in the pharmacy waiting for fresh prey that isn't coming. But makes for a more boring story. Zombie infections don't make much sense logically, zombies just don't have the staying power that tv/movies give them. Too many obstacles/problems for them to overcome in the real world...
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