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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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I have a horrible feeling that WWE might put the title on Ryback. Although, this would mean that Punk would have to regain the title, because alas! John Cena cannot do anything heelish, like defeat Ryback for the title! (they did that last year with the challenge for the fake WWE Championship against Mysterio - people hated that)

The most sensible thing, for all involved, would be for the match to end in a no-contest. Heyman introduces a new client, who subsequently comes out and brawls with Ryback (creating a new feud), CM Punk then grabs his belt and bolts from the arena, whilst Cena makes his appearance and chases Punk, with Punk just getting away to end the show.
In my opinion, WWE is in a lose/lose situation no matter what they do. If they went your route, fans would get pissed for getting a big non-finish on the end of a ppv they paid for. If ryback gets the title, people will feel it is way too soon, and that WWE will be shoving Ryback down our throats. If Punk wins, Ryback is just "another guy."
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