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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Not really. What we saw was a rough idea of it from people doing the math on Tribble.

You'd THINK they'd try and give you rough numbers, so you could protect yourself if they know you're going to lose out in conversion. In theory, the 'stolen' chips are to prevent an inrush of currency without going through the new channels, right? They aren't actively trying to screw us (so they say). You'd think they'd want to show us what the limits are, so we can try and cash them in for other stuff rather than losing them completely.

It's the kind of goodwill/trust gestures that seem to be pretty lacking from Cryptic, really. They know they're screwing some of us (whether they HAVE to or not is a side issue), you'd think they'd show us some of the math so we can choose to go through with it or try and get below the line and avoid the cull. What'st he downside to warning us?

Syberghost, maybe that's one you can try and pass up the chain, as you appear to have ins/be buddies with some of these guys? Some sort of chart, so we can figure out the conversion rate, where the caps are, etc.

EDCs are worth X, up until you cash in Y of them, and you only get .25X after that
Rare salvage, Purple salvage, blue and purple tech, etc.

Just knowing those numbers would remove a lot of angst, and let people choose what to do with the info. the issue isn't that the system is changing (not really, people will get used to that), it's that in every one of these changes so far, people have lost out. Showing people that they should cash in that extra stack of EDCs for DIL or BOFFs before the conversion so they don't lose them would make people a lot happier over it.
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