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Re: The Great Star Trek Pocket Novel Reread

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I've been reading some of the older Tos and Ds9 novels .I've read the lost years miniseries the Invasion miniseries.I like alot of the older novels better than alot of the Typhon pact stories.I miss the starship crews exploring new planets and space exploration.
I Highly recommend that you read Kirsten Bayers voyager re-launch series. In a fashion it goes back to exploring and meeting new races and planets. Even if you dont like voyager these should defenty be read ... ooo and most of titans novels as well.
Thanks for the book recommendation.I've started reading the voyager novels by Kristen Beyer.I really liked her newest book I just finished reading a few weeks ago.I bought Unworthy and plan on reading it soon.. I really like the Titan novels.I've been enjoying reading some older novels written by L.A.Graff Ice Trap. and Into the Nebula By Gene DeWeese.
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