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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

^ That seems like a gross overreaction to me even if you aren't a Ryback fan.

I really see a lot of similarities between the current state of the WWE and what happened back in early 2004. Back then, if you'll recall, the WWE had just lost Brock Lesnar (the guy around whom they'd pretty much build their Smackdown! brand and who, like John Cena is now, was heavily depended upon to be the 'face of the company' [although he wasn't the only one in this position]), Kurt Angle had just severely aggravated an injury he'd been nursing for months, and most of the company's established 'main-event' caliber talent was involved in storylines that would've had to have been abandoned were they to have been called upon to help fill the talent void left by Lesnar's departure and Angle's injury. All of this resulted in the monster push of one Bradshaw, a guy whom I doubt many people would've pegged as being worthy of the push he received, but who ended up not only having one of the longest WWE Championship reigns of the past decade, but also became the 'new face of Smackdown!' and one of the most dominant and entertaining heel characters to come out of the company in a very long time.

Contrast that with the current state of the WWE; John Cena, the guy who, as noted, is in the same position as Brock Lesnar was back in '04, has been sidelined with injury, and many of the guys that could be counted upon to help fill the void left by his absence are either no longer employed by the company, no longer actively wrestling, injured themselves, or else otherwise engaged at the present time. Enter Ryback, who is in almost the exact same position that Bradshaw was back in '04; time will tell whether or not Ryback's monster push into the main event ends up being the success that Bradshaw's was, but, right now, it is very premature, IMO, to be throwing around statements like 'I'm going to stop watching the WWE product if Vince puts the WWE on Ryback's shoulders and lets him run with the company for a while'.
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