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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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That was my experience as well. I was shocked to see a CW show that I liked.
Have you seen Nikita? It's awesome, great characters and great action.

The Vampire Diaries is good too, pretty gory for a network show but maybe a little bit too soapy for some, but it definitely isn't Twilight. Only the first few episodes aren't that great, after that he show kicks ass.

Supernatural is still watchable but no longer must see tv, it's still decent though.

The CW has quite a lot of good shows, it's not all Gossip Girl and Top Model.
I enjoyed Vampire Diaries up through the first half of last Season and was excited waiting for the second half to begin, but, the second half of last Season made me lose my interest, it just started feeling flat.

I'm looking forward to watching Arrow, gonna be recording it to disk, so, I'll be watching it in 3 episode chunks (The first 3 episodes will likely decide if I want to continue with it, but, it sounds like it's hitting all the right notes so, I don't think that'll be an issue)
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