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Re: Marvel animation-- Avengers Assemble and Hulk: Agents of Smash

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It does suggest that its in continuity with Ultimate Spider-Man though, since it using the same voice actors as the guest starting Avengers in USM.
Not necessarily, since Marvel often uses the same actors across multiple continuities. Pasdar first played Iron Man in the English dub of the anime IM series from Madhouse, which certainly isn't in the same continuity as USM. And Tatasciore is Hulk in both EMH and USM; he's their default Hulk in virtually everything except Planet Hulk, just like Steve Blum is their default Wolverine. (Except in the Madhouse Wolverine series, where his English-dub voice was Pasdar's Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia.)
Yeah but, its not one or two here its all of the Avengers that are featured in both that share voice actors, plus the character designs are similar.
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