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Re: Second Star Trek Continues vignette online

I liked the Exeter short better mostly because it maintained the tone all the way through and was pretty damned funny. The Continues version wasn't as successful. However, it was extremely well shot. Kim Stinger is hot as hell, which also makes up for a lot. Sulu is ridiculous. The voice is good, but he bounces around like he has Parkinson's. Chekov is fine.

The only thing I didn't like was how it went from light humor to extra buttery corn on a dime. Vic made me laugh his with little double takes, but then he just launched into his "feel good" speech, the kind that I am honestly a little tired of (I hope the full length episiodes aren't filled with these things). I would have enjoyed it if Kirk did some Sulu imitations instead.

The downside to do this with the main characters is that it makes them look like a bunch of kids goofing off until daddy shows up. Good for shits and grins, but not something you'd expect from "the finisest crew in the fleet." In the rec room maybe, but not on the bridge. At least Exeter used character we never saw because of the shift difference. They showed why they are stuck on the graveyard shift.

Of course, I'm taking it way too seriously. It's all in good fun. The production value in this was amazing.
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