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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Btw, I liked that they had a new opening sequence with nice to see Norman Reedus get 4th billing after Laurie Holden. Also noticed Lauren Cohen (Maggie) was added to the main credits as well as Darria. It is weird that Mellisa Mcbride who plays Carol is still not in the main credits even though she has been with the show since the beginning. Hope that does not mean she is going to be knocked off soon, I have a feeling Beth will go by the end of the season too.
I think Carol is safe, as long as she and Darryl don't consumate their budding relationship, we've got to see how great they are together, before they take it away from us. But, yea, once they do start sleeping together, she may very well be on the endangered list.

Seems Laurie's attitude has changed, now that the group is smaller and there is no the luxury of the women sticking to doing "women's work" (Still can't believe the way she lit into Andrea about kicking back doing Men's work, instead of helping her with the Women's work)

I think it was a strong start, wasn't expecting for them to have gotten this far into settling in the Prison this early on, I figured it'd take a couple episodes jsut getting there and getting inside. I really enjoyed seeing Michonne on The Talking Dead, she seems to be very grateful for the Kickass Role and the fan acceptance and adoration.
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