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Re: OT: Announcing ONLY SUPERHUMAN, my first original novel!

Yup, the book is now officially on sale! Those of you who preordered the hardcover will be getting it shipped to you soon, and those who prefer the e-book can now download it instantly, or I guess have had it automatically downloaded by now if you preordered (I guess?).

The book made its exclusive debut at New York Comic-Con this past Friday. It was a little late getting to the Barnes & Noble table for the group signing with the Justice is Served panel I was on at the con, so I didn't get to sign any copies there (which bummed me out, but I got to hang out with the very nice and friendly Amber Benson for a bit afterwards and she helped me meet Lou Ferrigno, so that cheered me up), but the 5 PM signing at the Tor booth went very well, with a lot of people already in line before it started, and the book seemed to be selling well at the B&N booth on Saturday. One of the folks in line at the signing was TrekBBS member BritishSeaPower, and I also got to meet Julio Angel Ortiz later on at the Chronic Rift table.
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