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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Then make the ratio less overall. If 1 chip is worth 1 mark, don't give me 25 marks for 100 chips when the guy trading in 20 chips got 20 marks. Either give me 100, or have the 1 chip be worth .25 marks to begin with. Just make it fair, seems obvious. DON'T screw over the heaviest users of your game. Especially if they JUST got over you screwing them the last time you decided your currency system was crap and reorganized things.

Do we have any info on how things will exchange yet? Trying to figure out what to do with my stuff. if the 'we're going to steal from you' ratio is above what I have, no reason for me to panic and cash stuff in, as it'll make more sense to get the exchange for the new currency. Anything that doesn't look like it will exchange well, or if you have too many you start to lose value, I'll want to see about ditching for EC/DIL.

Cashed in a couple hundred EDC, just to be safe. Bought a couple Borg DOFFs from the vendor, made sure I equipped my ships with couple different builds (phaser beam boat, antiproton beam boat, antiproton DHC, Phaser DHC, all with a couple Quantums), all MK XII Purples. Figure that gives me decent flexability with what I want to do, but still have like 45 purple salvage and 60 or so blue salvage, wanna figure out what the cash-in ratio is, whether grabbing more DIL makes sense. Had like 450 in chips, so got it down to under 300 after the DOFFs by buying and vendoring the borg retro sets, put a couple mil in the bank. Dunno if I should keep going with that, or hold out for the new currency.

The tech, not sure what to do. Just can't land the damned purple ground drops, only have a single piece of one set (Omega armor). Space, I've got both purple sets completed, and 3 tech pieces, but they don't add up to another kit. 7 or 8 blue tech pieces sitting there. No idea if turning these into DIL is better than seeing what we get for new currency for them, would hope they'd have decent value in the new setup...
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