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Re: Kerbal Space Program

Yeah, 626m/s is a bit too fast. I try to keep my landings under 2m/s.

I undertook two interplanetary voyages recently, the first one to Eve. Eve is the game's crazy version of Venus, in that it's the second planet from the sun, is roughly the same size as your homeworld, and has very dense atmosphere. It's unlike Venus in that it's purple and has seas of mercury.

Eve is easy to land on but almost impossible to take off from again unless you've built a crazy-huge rocket, so I opted to remain in orbit and send a probe (i.e. an aeroplane fuselage with a parachute) down to the surface. Here it is entering the atmosphere over one of the mercury seas.

The probe landed safely at the foot of some mountains.

My next voyage was out to the gas giant of Jool, which is currently the largest body in the game's solar system. What I like about Jool is that it's just a bit smaller than the Earth, so this planet is the best at giving you the sense of scale of our own planet.

Being a gas giant, you can't actually land on it, so I ejected an empty fuel tank into the atmosphere for science.

The results were predictable. Yeah, science!

Jool has four moons, my voyage in the Jool system brought me close to two of them. This is from my closest pass of Vall, which seems to be some sort of ice moon. (This was actually before I ejected my empty fuel tanks.)

Next up is Laythe, the ocean moon. Laythe is the most hospitable body in the system due to its liquid water, oxygen atmosphere and reasonable gravity at 0.8G. There's not much land though, and what little there is are mountainous sand dunes.

Sadly, my craft doesn't have landing capabilities and almost certainly wouldn't have enough fuel to land and take off again. So it stays in orbit taking beauty shots.

After much fiddling and reloading, I did manage to land a probe on one of the few landmasses.

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