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If S&S produced CD audiobooks of the Enterprise relaunch books, on my shelf they'd end up in custom-made covers alongside DVDs or Blu rays of the TV Series proper. Such is my need for there to have been a fifth, sixth and seventh season.

Chapters which happen to have a focus on one character more than another, read by that actor. Or a pairing as happened in the old days, with Nimoy topping and tailing a narration otherwise provided by Takei or Doohan.

Abridgments don't bother me and there's often something to be said for tightening up the pace, and losing some of the minutia - references to non-TV, sprung from some details found in (before my time) FASA roleplay or gratuitous nod to another book (I'm not likely to read given I'd be listening to a dramatic reading on my way to work). None of which, is likely to be all that relevant anyway.
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