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It would be cool if Trek could get an audiobook franchise like Doctor Who has, with fully dramatized plays bringing back original cast members. If only Big Finish would get the license -- and hire us Pocket authors!
I would love to produce a Star Trek range for Big Finish someday! I've met them a few times at conventions and they are such a nice bunch!
I've worked with BF on a bunch of their ranges (Doctor Who, 2000AD, Stargate, Highlander) over the years and I can tell you there have been discussions about doing Star Trek audios here and there.

Back when Gary Russell was still executive producer at BF, we kicked around the idea of a spin-off series set on a new ship with a new crew, with guest-star appearances by Trek actors, but then Gary went off to the BBC to work on the new Doctor Who TV series and it never went any further. Later, I pitched a webcast audio series project to CBS but again that just never caught fire with them.

I'm sure that BF could do an excellent job of bringing Star Trek to audio as an ongoing series, but I think the key issue has always been the cost of the licence. Still, it remains something I'd love to have a crack at...
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