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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Just a heads up for those of you hoarding STF resources like EDC and stuff.
Cryptic is about to do another currency conversion for that stuff.

That means, EDC, Borg Salvage, Tech, Borg Requisition Forms are all folded into the new Reputation System and turned into Omega Marks.

The good news is, this makes random drops go entirely away but is could potentially more grindy.

The bad news is, there will be a conversion loss similar to the old Mark system to dilithium. So some people might lose out big Time.

So you have to decide if you want a headstart with the new rep marks but suffer an overall loss or turn All your stuff in now for gear or dilithium while it still has it's old value.

Not an easy decision, since last time Cryptic also introduced the Veteran Boff for those people wo lost a real lot of their stuff against the capped dilithium starter pay out.

Same thing is gonna happen to the Reman Data Logs you get from the vault to craft into the Reman set by doffs.
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