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Re: Does anyone have suggestions for names of starships

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^You mean like This?
Not sure if Terrell was noteworthy enough to get a ship named after him, but it looks really nice.

As for my own name ideas:

-USS Atlantis
-USS Nemesis
-USS Gemini or USS Mercury (named for the manned space programs, not the constellation or planet. I think either sounds really good as a class name too).
-USS Hokkaido (we've already had two ships named for Japanese islands, Kyushu and Honshu. Why not a third?)

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking Starfleet ship names have been overly Earth-centric, but that's hindered, as there's few famous people or places from other Federation worlds that ships can be named after. "Enterprise" helps that somewhat, since you could say many of the guest characters were historically significant.

In other words, you could have a USS Shran, USS Soval, USS Kuvak, USS Telev, USS Gral, USS Thoris. USS Shras, USS Tholos, USS Sopek...

-USS Phlox would be a good name for a Pasteur-type hospital/medical ship.

If you need some shuttles, since shuttles are traditionally named for explorers and scientists:

-Robinson (for A.G. Robinson)
-Erickson (for Emory Erickson)
-Salk (for Jonas Salk)
-Duvall (for Duvall, who broke the warp 3 barrier)
-Young (for John Young)
-Borman (for Frank Borman)
-White (for Ed White, since Grissom got a ship, and Roger Chaffee got a shuttle)
-Sato (for Hoshi Sato)
-Hillary (for Sir Edmund Hillary)
-Sonak (for Commander Sonak)
-Bohr (for Nils Bohr)
-Galen (for Richard Galen)
-Hubble (for Edwin Hubble)
-Tereshkova (for Valentina Tereshkova)
-Leonov (for Alexei Leonov)
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